User acceptance testing

Also known as UAT, these are tests carried out from the view of the user are. In addition, to this, finals tests are carried out in order to determine subset of existing test cases the software being tested (the test of object) in order to count as having been successfully tested in one test level.

In terms of Zeta Test, users have the following opportunities to include external users in their testing process:

  • Access the Windows test client using VPN and remote desktop connection (RDP).
  • Access to the test web client (Zeta Test Web Access) using our incredibly easy assistant-driven invitation. All you need to do is to input the e-mail address of the tester you want to include and the system will take care of everything else.
  • You can export test cases in as Microsoft Office Excel documents and then send these on to an external tester.

See alsot acceptance testing in the article about software testing.

Unit testing

Unit testing is a software design and development method where the programmer makes sure that individual units of source code are fit for use. A unit is the smallest testable part of an application.

See also Unit testing on Wikipedia.

Use Case

A use case describes a sequence of transactions resulting from the interaction between a system a person ("actor"). The expectation is that the actor receives a recognisable result after their interaction with the system.

Use case testing

This approach to testing is a black box test design in which the test cases are created to carry out specific use-case scenarios.