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Can I use Zeta Test Management for free?


For evaluation purposes, Zeta Test is always free.

Learn further details on the licensing page…

How can I create reports?

Zeta Test ships with an integrated report designer that assists you in creating sophisticated reports.

The best way to start using the report designer is to copy and edit an existing report. Report files have a ".repx" extension and are stored in the "Resources" folder below the "Zeta Test" folder in your personal folder.

You also can store reports on a per-project-basis below the "Resources" folder of your project folder. The folder structure is similar to the global resources folder structure; e.g. you store reports for test plans below the "TestPlan" folder.


The report designer offers you the following features.

  • Create new reports and edit existing reports.
  • Define an aribitrary number of database queries (SQL) per report.
  • Define hierachical database queries with relations.
  • Rich set of graphical design possibilities for your reports, including diagrams/charting.
  • Directly preview your reports.
  • Export to a large number of file formats, including Microsoft Office Excel, Adobe PDF or HTML.


To edit a report follow these steps:

  1. Open the "Zeta Test" folder from your start menu.
  2. Select "Zeta Test Report Designer". The report designer start.
  3. In the report designer, click "Open", navigate to the report to edit and select it. The report will be opened.
  4. To edit existing database queries or add new database queries, select the "Edit data set" icon from the main menu. The editing dialog window opens.
  5. Edit the queries and relations as you like, close the dialog window with the "OK" button if you are finished editing. The field list in the main window will be refreshed.
  6. Use the designer in the main window to edit your report.
  7. Save the report by using the "Save" icon from the main menu.

Reports will be displayed automatically in the Zeta Test "Reports" context menu if their file name starts with "report-".


Currently the report designer has the following known limitations.

  • Exclusively use the "Edit data set" main menu icon to adjust any database connections, tables/queries and relations. To be specific, please do not use the other integrated options to connect to data sources. By using the "Edit data set" you still have the full power over your report and can design every kind of report including those that have dependent child tables ("detail bands").

Most of these limitations will be removed in future versions.

Tips and tricks

  • To access a report parameter from inside a query, write it within double braces. E.g. To access a report parameter "ElementID", write it as "{{ElementID}}" (without the quotes) inside your SQL query.