Partial condition

A partial condition contains none of the Boolean criteria (AND, OR, NOT). If anything, it works on relative values such as "greater than" and "lesser than".


The term patch can refer to:

  • changing binary files in an operational program without completely rewrting the source code.
  • last-minute changes to program source code.
  • general changes to source case or binary executables of a program.
  • carrying out any of the modifications described above.
  • an unplanned redistribution of an entire software application with individually corrected files, usually due to serious mistakes in the software that make use - or even testing - impossible.

Cf. Wikipedia on patches.


In computing terminology, a path (also known as a walk) is a changeable sequence of nodes and lines within a control flow graph. A complete path begins at the beginning of the graph and ends at its finish; there is a distinction between executable and non-executable paths.

Cf. graph theory on Wikipedia.

Path coverage testing

This is an approach to white-box testing which is based on the control flow; the aim is to test each possible complete path (walk) within a software application.

In practice, when dealing with complex systems with a large number of paths, this form of testing is not possible in its entirety.

Cf. code coverage on Wikipedia for related information.


In computing terminology, performance refers specifically to the degree to which a software application or component fulfills requirement functions within a defined range of conditions with regard to processing speed and throughput.

In most situations, higher performance is considered better.

Performance testing

Refers to testing in order to determine the performance of a software application or component in various use-scenarios. These scenraios usually include an element of increasing stress on the system.

Cf. stress testing.

Phase diagram

This is a diagram which shows possible states for software components and applications. In addition to this, events and conditions which lead to state changes are also depicted.

Cf. Wikipedia entry on phase diagrams.

Point of control (PoC)

The is the point at which test objects (both full software applications and components) are supplied with test data.

Point of observation (PoO)

This refers to the point at which the output and reactions of test objects (both complete software applications and single components) are logged and investigated.


This is the condition in which the test object and its environment must be after a test case has been carried out.

Cf. post condition on Wikipedia.

Project/Test project

A project (also called test project) is, according to ISO 9000, a complete unit of test activities that resides completely within one single folder in the file system (all documents and attachments relating to testing, as well as the test database file itself).

Process model

A process model is a codification of processes in a given area. In software, a classic process model is the software development process.

See the Wikipedia entry on software development process on Wikipedia for further information.