You are the project manager of a software vendor company developing a content management system (CMS) called “EasyWebsite” that is also being sold through the company’s online shop.

The version of EasyWebsite currently on the market is 7.0; the version under development is 8.0.


You want to test version 8.0 and make it available to all new and existing customers afterwards.

Therefore, you have to ensure that both new customers that do not yet own version 7.0 - as well as existing customers that will update from version 7.0 to version 8.0 - will be able to successfully work with the new version 8.0.

Since you have a rather heterogeneous customer base, you will have to take differing operating systems as well as different language and regional settings into account.

Methods to achieve the task

You create a plan:

  • Which target systems have to be tested?
  • Which test must be performed?
  • How many testing users and test managers do I need?

You can carry out these planning steps directly within Zeta Test by creating test cases and test plans. In addition, you define the required target systems and environments to test for.

After that, you let your administrator set up and configure the appropriate hardware test environment (or indeed as a virtual machine).

The testing users then carry out the tests you defined. With the integrated bug tracking database interface, the developers of EasyWebsite immediately get notified if a test fails. They can then correct the errors reported, probably after discussing the issues with the testing users.

As soon as all errors have been corrected by the developers, a new version of EasyWebsite is deployed into the test environment and all tests are carried out again.

This workflow is repeated until you as the project manager decide (by looking at the reports generated by Zeta Test) that the new version of EasyWebsite is stable and mature enough to ship to your customers.


After successful completion of the tests, you have strong proof that your software will run on your clients computers successfully.

You also get a full documentation of all tests and test results. For upcoming future versions of EasyWebsite, you have a test plan basis that is easy to enhance with the new features.

After all, you have a well-tested application with a minimum of time spent: and your users will be satisfied customers.